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This division brings together members from academia, industry and government who share a common interest in topics related to research and practice of computer and information systems. The CIS division is primarily interested in the theory, methodology and practice in all technical areas that develop or apply CIS.

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Vision: Become the leading division in IIE by increasing networking and partnership between its members and promoting forums to engage, share and recognize innovative ideas in the field of computer and information systems. Vision and Mission Statement | Schedule 

President's message

Dear IIE Computer & Information Systems (CIS) Division members,
John Jung-Woon YooThis year was the record-breaking year for our CIS division in terms of both the number of presentations and the number of sessions in Industrial & Systems Engineering Research Conference (ISERC). There were 65 presentations in 19 sessions in this year. For your reference, in 2005 there had been 28 presentations in eight sessions. I strongly believe that this significant growth in 10 years is attributed to collaborative, cooperative efforts made by all CIS members in CIS division activities.
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Announcement: 2015 IIE-CIS Mobile App Competition

The details of the 3rd annual mobile app competition are now available. The competition is attracting more and more participants every year and we expect the 2015 edition to be another success. Two-page proposals are due on Monday, Nov. 3, 2014, via email to this year’s competition chair (Dr. J. David Porter david.porter@oregonstate.edu) and must include a list of team members and their affiliations, the name of the mobile app, a list of features of the mobile app, and the target market segment(s) of the mobile app.

Other critical dates include:

  • Decision on proposals: Nov. 17 
  • Mobile app submission: Feb. 16  
  • Selection of top four finalist: March 6 

Winners will be selected by a panel of judges at the 2015 IIE Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee (May 30 – June 2, 2015). Click here to view a complete description of the details of the mobile app competition.

Announcement: Sponsorship Opportunity for IIE-CIS Mobile App Competition

The Computer and Information Systems (CIS) Division of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) has hosted the IIE-CIS Mobile App Competition annually since 2013. The competition is designed to provide students with opportunities for developing mobile apps based on theories and practices in the field of Industrial & Systems Engineering and related fields and for creating business plans for their mobile apps. Click here for details on sponsorship.

Announcement: ISERC CIS Track Call for Abstracts/Papers

The Computer & Information Systems (CIS) Division of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) is sponsoring the CIS Track at the 2015 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference (ISERC). The ISERC, which is part of the IIE Annual Conference and Expo, is a forum for exchanging knowledge and discoveries in the industrial and systems engineering research community. Click here for technical areas CIS interested in and submission details.

Announcement: Applied Solutions Conference - CIS Track Call for Abstracts/Papers

The Computer and Information Systems Division of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) is sponsoring some Applied Solutions sessions of the 2015 IIE Annual Conference. Applied Solutions sessions present proven solutions from applying industrial and systems engineering principles within industry, healthcare or service companies. Click here for important deadlines and submission information.

Summary of 2014 IIE Annual Conference & Expo, Montreal, Canada 

The IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2014 was held from May 30 to June 3 in Montreal, Canada. The CIS division participated in both the Industrial & Systems Engineering Research Conference (ISERC) and the Applied Solutions Conference. The CIS track of ISERC was organized by Seokcheon Lee from Purdue University and John Yoo from Bradley University, and the CIS track of the Applied Solutions Conference was organized by Hui Yang from the University of South Florida. Read more  

Announcement: ISERC CIS Track Best Paper Award & Best Student Paper Award

ISERC CIS track provides two award opportunities for the submitted papers. The Best Paper Award is endowed to the most outstanding paper among all paper submissions within CIS track. Independently from that, if appropriate, please consider applying for the Best Student Paper Award. Details regarding qualification, eligibility and application process for the Best Student Paper Award can be found at http://www.iienet2.org/Details.aspx?id=17500

Research gallery 

One of the benefits of belonging to a professional society is the opportunity to share knowledge about various topics of interest. 

Topic:Changepoint detection and gene network problems in the monitoring and treatment of cancer 
by Sung Won Han, Research Scientist, Division of Biostatistics, Department of Population Health, School of Medicine, New York University. His research focuses on statistical methodology for cancer-related applications, which covers spatiotemporal surveillance for chronic diseases, functional change-point problems, and gene network problems. 


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Your feedback is very important to us. Please let us know how we can make the division better. Please feel free to contact any of the board members.

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